Program—Thursday, July 27

Thurs 27th July – Plenary Talks 

  • Communicating Science through Comedy – Ina Park, USA 

Thurs 27th July – Spotlights and Symposia 

  • New Paradigms in Sexual Health – Brad Stoner, Canada 
    • Will Vaccines for STIs Replace Antimicrobials? –  David Lewis, Australia  
    • Sexual rights and sexual health for young people – Debra Hauser, USA 
    • Key population-led health services –  Jagadīśa-devaśrī Dācus, USA  
    • Indigenous perspectives in sexual health – Margaret Kisikaw Piyesis, Canada 
  • Controlling Syphilis – Innovative Approaches – Marcus Chen, Australia 
    • Doxycycline as Pre-Exposure (PrEP)or Post-Exposure prophylaxis (PEP) – should this be policy and rolled out? – Annie Luetkemeyer, USA 
    • Whole genome sequencing for Treponema pallidum: how it can be applied to the real world to better understand syphilis outbreaks – Michael Marks, UK  
    • Recent studies and current understanding of the infectiousness of syphilis and novel PCR testing for Treponema pallidum including saliva – Meiping Ye, China 
    • Strategies to prevent congenital syphilis – Laura Bachmann, USA 
  • Advances in accessing, analysing and disseminating STI data – Lizzi Torrone, USA 
    • Applying advances made during the COVID-19 pandemic to access and disseminate STI and sexual health data – Meaghan Kall, UK 
    • The future is now: Applying AI and machine learning to prevent STIs and improve sexual health –  Jeremy Grey, USA  
    • STI data: What does the public actually want? – Rachel Kachur, USA